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Attracting My Reward

So I have a few minutes here and instead of just sitting with my coffee and chocolate scrolling through cruelty free products I can't afford, I thought I would update the world with my recent epiphany I experienced.

A couple weeks ago I purchased an Apple TV on an impulse and I was surfing through netflix when I found a program called "The Secret". It had some short little description about the secret shared by Leonardo Da Vinci and Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton and of course, I was intrigued. I tend to gravitate toward any program that has historical context with the under current of conspiracy because, well, I'm a nerd.

The program immediately took a turn I didn't expect, and was actually about the "Law of Attraction". I'll save you from the long version and basically just say it talked about sending good vibes into the universe to attract success and wealth and it showed "proof" by interviewing a number of successful entrepreneurs punctuated with creepy whisper quotes from the geniuses mentioned before. Even though I was hardly paying attention the the program, I left it on and it got me thinking, what do I have to lose? Let's try this yummy, feel-good approach to life just for the sake of being a bit more positive.

So I made a list, and it is pinned to the wall directly in front of my bed so I'm forced to read it every morning. It's filled with happy, dreamy rhetoric in the present tense like "I am a successful, brilliant composer" and "I am a loving, intelligent female entrepreneur" and "I am the creator of my destiny" etc....

And you know what?

It totally works! Not in like the weird "cosmic power" sense that the universe suddenly makes everything ok, but overall, I have been a lot more confident and positive as I move into this new journey of being self-employed. Starting every morning with a positive affirmation session makes me more energized and I feel more productive and adventurous. Within just the last couple weeks there have been a number of opportunites that I have seized myself, just because I had the confidence to say "I can do that!" I've tried to take better care of my body and really find my purpose in life.

That's what this is all about.

I'm moving away from the things that stop my creativity, exhaust me, and bring down my attitude.

I'm moving in a direction that keeps my happy, healthy, and more positive, and I have the confidence to ask and recieve the work that fulfills my soul.

If you're feeling stuck or unhappy, maybe just try this. What do you have to lose? You deserve to be happy! It's made me feel more productive and pushed me to take risks that I never would have considered before. The reward is there, you just have to "attract it"!

So in the spirit of positive thinking, maybe I can afford what I want, and I deserve to enjoy my coffee and chocolate.

That sounds good doesn't it?

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