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So here's the deal...

I've been thinking a lot about this recently and I've come to a couple of conclusions:

1. Making videos for YouTube is something I genuinely LOVE doing. I want to do so much more.

2. It is really important to me to finish music school with highest honors.

3. I need to show up and be commited to the commissions I've been asked to do, even though I'm not always getting paid. A promise is a promise.

4. I need to live well. That means eat well, dress well, feel well, and spread happiness. I need enrichement and enjoyment, inspiration and motivation.

5. I want to empower. No matter your age, gender, race, wealth, dreams, and goals, I want to empower people, specifically young people who feel alone or judged.

6. I love to teach. I love enriching my life through teaching others to live better, practice better, learn better, and play better.

Ok great Carly Ann, what's the point?

Well I have a couple of announcements.

First: I will be graduating in mid-May and then I'll be moving into my house. Until that point, I have to focus on school and commissions. YouTube and blogging must take a back seat if I'm going to finish this with the best grades and the best work.

Second: That being said, once I graduate, I will be re-launching my lifestyle/beauty channel:

CarlySmashesLipstick. I will have a regular upload schedule for my Music and Vlog channel (M,W,F) and my lifestyle channel will have regular uploads on Tues/Thurs. I will maintain this blog weekly with posts every Saturday.

Channel breakdown is as follows:

Music Channel: Music videos, Original Compositions, Covers, Artist Interviews, Collabs, Events

Lifestyle Channel: Product Reviews, Makeup Tutorials, Exercise/Training, and Cooking

Vlog Channel: Vlogs, Skits, Behind the Scenes, Collabs, Sketches, Tech reviews

Blog: Inside look into all my new ideas, new thoughts, and responses from this endeavor

This is pretty big, and it's going to take an enormous amount of work. But you know what? I want to do this with all my heart, I can feel the potential and excitement and I want this more than anything. I'm never going to know if I can be successful at this unless I try.

Lastly: This website will be split. will continue to be the place where all things YouTube/Blog/Social Media will live and be available to the public. I will be launching "" (or something of that nature) for all of my professional scoring and music networking. I will also be launching an accompanying Vimeo channel to promote my music, and everything will be available to listen to and purchase via Soundcloud and Bandcamp. The brand of "SmashingIvory" will remain intact, as I intend on launching my personal publishing company "Smashing Ivory Productions" sometime this year, but it will be seperated from my YouTube/Social Media personality a little bit, just to make things more clear.

This was a lot, and honestly I wanted to write it down and get it out there to hold myself accountable for my decisions. You will continue to see me on this blog, on Twitter/Facebook, and of course, YouTube, but it will not be as regular (kinda like it's been for the last 4 years). I want to give myself the best chance at doing it right, and it really isn't possible until I graduate college.With that, I hope you're excited, stay tuned, and see you on the other side!

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