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"I'm not a little kid now"

Ok first, I have to preface this blog by saying I discovered Melanie Martinez (I know, I'm always late to the party on artists) and I can't stop listening to her album. She's basically the whole reason I'm writing this blog in the first place.

So, the title suggests I've grown up a little. Well today is my last day of school EVER which is a little bit of a mind f***. Then I graduate next week and get my expensive piece of tree (aka my music degree). Then I'm a real adult who's like, getting married, paying a mortgage, and starting my music career. WHAT? Who allowed this to happen?!

Another thing, I'm completely excited to start my YouTuber/content creator life but lately the whole community has been pretty intimidating. Have you guys seen how many articles there are just on YouTube drama? I'm not really interested in going back to high school tendencies.

But then Beyonce drops Lemonade and I discover Melanie Martinez's album Cry Baby and realize just how freaking amazing the female artists in this world are. And that's just the mainstream artists. There are SO MANY incredible people making art that they are directing and envisioning themselves, and that's the world I want to be a part of.

Visually striking cinematography and production design paired with music is probably my favorite thing to experience in the entire scope of the internet. Seeing an artist's vision come to life in multiple forms is rewarding for everybody, and reminds me just how awesome this world is, even when the art is about really rough or sad subjects like infidelity and lying and cheating and heartbreak. Taking that and turning it into art is so empowering. And I love when women get openly pissed, which is probably why Alanis Morissette has been on in my car a lot lately. We are so often told to "contain" ourselves and stop being so "emotional" when actually, we have a right to be angry. Let it out ladies.

Going forward, I have a newfound inspiration and energy. For the first time, today I'm actually feeling really positive about everything in the future, no longer scared.

Let's kill it at this whole "growing up" thing, and make some awesome sh*t.

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