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Oops, bye bye July

Hey all, so sorry I haven't updated this thing in a while. July was a very off month for me in a lot of ways.


-I went on a family vacation

-Wedding planning took over my life for a minute

-I had a small tragic event happen that made me question everything

-There was a week of nothing while I tried to wrap my head around my future

-I discovered that my lack of sleep was drastically affecting my mood and my motivation to create

-I got back on track as the month of August came around

So here we are! Today is a new day, and I'm ready to attack the world at full capacity again. I also found some awesome events happening in Seattle that I promptly signed up for, which has invigorated my will to succeed and be productive!

Times like this occur, and the best way to get through them is one step at a time. I say that knowing full well I'm an utter failure at it, and tend to over-analyze every outcome and possible meaning of the situation. Thankfully I did some soul searching and I'm coming back to loving the daily grind of my work, and I feel like I have a much better grasp on my wedding day. (Less than two months away!)

So where does that leave this blog? Well for one, I'm updating on a Monday rather than a Sunday so that's confusing, (sorry...). Also my so called "regular" schedule has not been working out. Why? Well usually Sunday rolls around and I can't remember any ideas I had for a blog!

Give me some time. I'm trying to make writing a regular thing in my life, but it's taken some work since I was never a good diary-writer growing up. I think this may become a place for more than just the weekly anecdote, but more of a collection of stories, lyrics, and memories as well. What do you guys think?

Hope to speak to you again (and more regularly) soon, and thank you as always for your support and your patience with me!

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