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A Much Needed Reality Check

Wow…. I’ve been kidding myself.

There are thousands of people just like me. Hundreds of thousands.

Yet so few “make it”.

And what does that mean to me?

I think escaping the 9-5 life would be great.

And constantly doing the things I love while making a living.

Paying off my debt would be great too.

Everyone around me seems to think I have an edge.

That I’m better.

That I’ll make it.

I certainly appreciate their confidence in me, even if I don’t really share it.

I have so much work to do.

Not only day to day paying bills, but just getting better.

I need to practice.

Practice performing, practice composing, and practice networking.

I need to find like-minded people.

I want to collaborate.

Are you an artist too?

I needed this reality check.

I needed this punch in the stomach; this kick in the butt.

I’ve been lazy for far too long.

Even though everyone seems to think I’ve been working hard enough.

It’s never enough. There’s always more to do.

I need to make good on my promises.

I need to fulfill my commitments.

I need to get better.

I need to push harder.

Thank you for reading this.

There will be more like it I’m sure.

This blog may just become my way of communicating how I’m really feeling.

Funny, that’s totally what a blog is supposed to be, right?

Watch me work harder, get better, and rise to success.

The universe just served up some cold reality.

I’ve gotta swallow it and process it and work with it.

Watch me go.

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