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"Sweet Little Thing"


I wrote these lyrics back in July after a somewhat traumatic event. I couldn't think of anything to write this week for a blog so I thought I would post some song lyrics. For any of you reading these, please don't be concerned! What occurred was very sad but I was hardly involved in the matter and I'm quite happy right now despite how sad these are. You'll likely hear this in the form of a song someday. Enjoy and feel free to message me with ideas or comments!

Life came too quick round the bend

Like a loaded truck and a flash of red

And now you're gone, limp, flung to the side

All I could manage was a call

It's like I barely knew you at all

What I would give to hold you close

Make you feel safe

Hold your pretty little head to my chest

You sweet precious little thing

The line cut short

You did nothing wrong

And all I could manage was a stupid song

I should have lifted you up and made you mine

Instead I found a way to pass the time

Try to forget your face

Laugh away the pain

I love you and I'm sorry

So sorry

You weren't looking and I kept looking away

I couldn't be the soft hand to hold you

I didn't have the strength to show you how we can hurt but we can also heal

I'm sick with all the sadness I choose to just "feel"

When I could have should have been there to hold you

Sweet little thing

I love you and I'm sorry

© Carly Ann Worden

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