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Mark My Words

So this week I had the most wonderful experience of seeing the “Game of Thrones LIVE Concert” in Seattle at Key Arena and holy s*** it was incredible!!! By far, the tightest, most well produced piece of live entertainment I have ever witnessed! Ramin Djawadi is a superstar and his soloists were such fantastic performers. I was honestly moved to tears, no joke. When the wind-player with the fierce hair started playing a Duduk, (an ancient double-reed woodwind flute made of apricot wood, indigenous to Armenia,) I just let all the tears flow! All of them!

If you’re wondering what a “duduk” is, check out this video:

Among other tear jerking instruments, (tabla, cello solos, the bawse vocalist with the phenomenal hair, the didgeridoo, etc.) the entire show was so moving and thrilling and exciting and even featured the composer being completely engulfed in green flames as he stood at his piano/electric organ. I grabbed my sister and screamed: “ONE DAY WHEN I’M RICH AND FAMOUS THAT WILL BE ME I SWEAR TO GOD!”

That’s right; one day that will be me.

Lately, life has been chalk full of those moments. I’ll witness one of my heroes or peers accomplish something or receive some kind of accolade or audience and I mentally assure myself: one day that will be me. I’m 100% confident in this. One day, I’ll have an incredible show that I conduct and perform surrounded by my original media and music and people will know my face and name as a composer. One day I’ll make videos that impress people I’ve never even met and they’ll want to talk to me about my art. One day the right person will see what I do and they’ll invite me to the next step on the staircase; the next rung on the ladder. I just know this will happen. I can already see it.

But perhaps you ask; “But how? How do you know?”

Well, I’m trying something new here so stick with me…

When I was younger I used to believe that if I dreamt up the perfect scenario and let it play out in my head, I was essentially jinxing myself and it would never happen. I tried not to dwell on the outcome I wanted and quietly just hoped for “good enough”.

Then one day I watched a show on Netflix that taught me the power of “controlling my destiny” by willing the universe to propel me to my most-desired destination. Earlier this year, I also read a book called You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, courtesy of my sister-in-law, RebeccaLynn. In both bits of research, the message was clear: “Envision yourself exactly where you want to be, work incredibly hard for it, and it will become your destiny”.

I have spent some serious time meditating on these desired outcomes. I have imagined and dreamt about standing on stage holding an Oscar or a Tony or a Grammy or a Streamy Award. I’ve pictured myself seeing my view count go up, my audience grow, my talent blossom and my confidence soar. All of these things have started to happen.

Just last week, I put out a cover of “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. This cover was something I’ve been practicing and performing to myself for YEARS, and one day I knew I would make a video doing all the voices and characters. I’m pleased to say I think the video is doing very well, and even happier to say that I see the improvements I could have made. I have room to keep growing. And I will.

I was asked this week, “Don’t you think you should maybe give yourself a break? You don’t have to be the sole creator of an entire show like that, I mean, that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself! Isn’t that reaching a bit far?”

My answer is no; it’s not too far. I know I’m fully capable as an artist to do it. I have every confidence that I will do it. So bring it on! I need the pressure! It fuels me!

YOU are the only thing standing in your way of success. Envision yourself exactly where you want to be and then don’t take “no” for an answer. Push past the doubt and the worry and the pressure and the stress. There is NO REASON you can’t accomplish your goals if you can honestly see yourself achieving them.

Turn “I Wish” into “I Will”. Turn “One Day” into “Soon”. Turn “I Want To Be” into “I Am”.

There’s nothing stopping you, and mark my words: you will get there.

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