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One Step At A Time

Oh… this week I feel guilty. This is the first time in a while that I’ve done so little to produce online content. There were no vlogs, no music video, and no makeup, but at least a music history episode.


I don’t want to list excuses. Plain and simply, it wasn’t a priority this week and I chose to spend my time doing other things. These items were not only career focused but also essential to my wellness and health. I’ve been having a pretty awesome run lately but my body decided I needed a day to just chill the f*ck out! I still spent my time somewhat productive by watching a TV show that had music I wanted to study for an upcoming project. Not only did I come up with some killer ideas by vegging out for a good 9 hours, but I also finally watched a show that I’ve wanted to just sit and experience for years.

And I’m only halfway through season 2! (It’s Orphan Black if you’re interested).

Today has to be a change of pace, and I have to get back on the bandwagon. I’ve started the day off by finally framing some wedding photos 84 years after my wedding date, (actually only 7 months but that’s still a stupid amount of time). Laundry is going. Windows are open and to-do list is being accomplished. I have a whole lot of work to do today.

Looking ahead, I am traveling to a foreign country (exciting! and terrifying!), and I’ve got conferences and meetings and projects lined up for months. Working for myself will always be the best way to live, but I can already see how this is a 24/7 commitment. I haven’t spent quality time with my husband in weeks! (if not months!)

Meanwhile, last week’s blog talked about going to the gym and making a commitment to my health. I did go to the gym last week and it felt awesome! That was once.

Today, I plan on going to the gym again. I’ve made healthier choices about my diet this week and I listened to my body when it said “hold up! You ain’t going nowhere today!”. I get what people say when they advise me to just “take it a day at a time”. I’ve never been like that.

My sister correctly pointed out that I like to chaotically list out everything I’m doing in the coming months during every conversation, in the same way she lists out her day activities. We are truly related, and I didn’t even realize that my pet peeve about her was something I did personally. It was a mirror in the face I definitely needed and I’m trying to be better. I’m going to try to take it a day at a time.

This blog honestly is just me spouting out my thoughts. I had no plans for this but writing it was on my to-do list for three days and it’s finally Sunday so here we are. I’ve produced a badly written but honest blog for you.

Here’s to challenges that make us better, small steps to a better life, and taking it one day at a time.

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