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VIDCON 2017 - Notes

Hey everyone, I thought I would post my VidCon 2017 Notes on my blog here for personal record and if anyone is interested. Enjoy!


  1. Edutainment Panel

  • Teaching = Sharing Experience

  • Enthusiasm for a topic is contagious

  • Explore possibility of connected with much younger audience in Composer Cafe

  • Male/Female ratio is around 90/10 for most viewers! WOW

  • Explore more of beauty connecting with education to reach female audience

  • Teach what you would want to tell your partner over dinner, or someone with no experience in the field you are teaching.

  • Make it engaging for anybody

  • You’re essentially dating your audience

  • Thumbnails

  • Ask a question

  • Use for bait (not click bait but actually bait)

  • People WANT to be educated

  • Collaborate outside your medium

  • When teaching humanities, you are teaching critical thinking

  • Tie your education to the real world

  • Encourage Curiosity

  • Ad revenue is not reliable but Brands are very interested in promoting education

II. How To Turn Your Channel Into A Business

  • You MUST use affiliate programs, get’s you paid for your products you use

  • ex.

  • Make money with Speaker fees

  • Don’t think of your revenue as purely a “YouTuber”, use YouTube as a vehicle to spread your business


  • Get a team of those you trust around you (family, spouse, friends) and utilize their skills

  • 50/50 Content

  • Half is what is trending and profitable

  • Half is your passion

III. Music Panel

  • DISTROKID - $20 a year?! Check that ish out


  1. Lighting Workshop

  • 3 Point Lighting Basics

  • Called “Triage” or “Interview Lighting”

  • Terms

  • Key, Fill, Back

  • Types of Lights

  • Tungsten

  • Bright, focused

  • Hot, need gloves to handle, heavy, tend to explode

  • Wide range of prices

  • power hungry, do not last

  • Fluorescent

  • not super hot, nice diffusion

  • fragile

  • bulbs filled w/ gas? no not really

  • inconsistent light temperatures

  • LED

  • Affordable

  • Power efficient

  • Portable but battery is short lived

  • plastic, cheaper housing

  • cheap lights cause bad color temperature

  • No Light

  • sun is bright! but inconsistent

  • most inexpensive option!

  • Practical Light

  • light fixture used in shot

  • adds ambience

  • Black Wrap

  • matte black surface cover (tape or cloth)

  • used to absorb the light rather than reflect

  • Light temperature

  • Sunlight 6500k white/blueish light

  • Tungsten yellow light

  • Always use a white balance!

  • Use a sheet of paper for white balance reference

  • Diffusion

  • Scatters the light

  • makes shadows softer

  • Final tips

  • raise lights 1-2 ft above subject’s head

  • stay at least 1ft away from Background

  • always diffuse light when possible

II. Buzzfeed Digital AF

  • If you are creating content, create A LOT

  • make content native to specific platforms

  • Use your successes and follow up with them

  • Promote “intellectual curiosity”

  • using sites like Tumblr, Reddit, TubeFilter

III. Competing with Goliath

  • Be hands on with Merchandise

  • do limited time sales

  • use a local business

  • Content = Your Lifeblood

  • Audience should be there for your UNIQUE content

IV. Copyright Panel (Hosted by Copyright Alliance)

  • Copyright Alliance wants to help the creator and the user

  • Copyright does NOT protect ideas, it DOES protect the expression of ideas

  • protects original expression

  • do not have to register to be protected

  • “Fair Use” is always Case by Case

  • nonprofit or commercial?

  • is it transformative?

  • Fictional or factual?

  • How much are you using?

  • Does it cause harm to the market?

  • DMCA

  • acts as a bridge for the copyright owner and perpetrator online

  • YouTube Content ID is NOT DMCA

  • Strike = from DMCA

  • No Strike = from Content ID

  • Equivalents

  • Facebook = Audible Magic (3rd party)

  • reportedly not as reliable

  • Scenarios

  • Film/Game Footage being used

  • content must be about the footage

  • must rise to the level of criticism

  • Song Covers

  • 2 Copyrights: Recording & Publishing

  • Check “YouTube” - “Create” - “Music Policies” for current song info

  • Have an offensive plan in mind when creating covers

  • Education

  • Are you commercial?

  • Are you taking from another educational source?

  • “Right of Publicity” is not the same as copyright

  • Check out “Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts”


  1. Music Chat w/ Peter Hollens

  • There is a difference between Mastering the Craft and Mastering the Art

  • For Peter: 90% of funds go back into business

  • Contractors: Arrangers, mixers, vocal editors, 3 video teams

  • Infrastructure: 3 Offices

  • For Peter: 98% of time studying the business, 2% was creating

  • find the balance

  • First 18 months

  • made $30,000 total before taxes

  • swindled by a Multi-Channel Network

  • most came from sales on iTunes and Amazon

  • Self taught businessman, recording engineer

  • Always leverage new technology

  • Utilize your inner circle

  • you are only as good as those around you



  • This is not what I dream of or what I want, this is what I DO

  • Peter: working on at least 32 songs at once?!

  • Need at least 1,000s of hours of work and communication to build the trust in the brand

  • To be a modern day musician, you are:

  • a community manager

  • an entrepreneur

  • your own agent

  • Value Knowledge and your relationships over money

  • Utilize Patreon, DON’T rely on Ad Revenue

  • For covers - you want it to get flagged by Content ID!

  • Figure out where you are blocked, and learn how to tear down the road block. Then tackles another and another and another


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