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Becoming "The Sassy Astrologist"

In continuing the trend of explaining the origins of my characters, I believe now is the best time to address my “most famous” character I’ve created in the last 2 years on my Comedy and Entertainment Channel.

She is none other than The Sassy Astrologist.

She’s a fiery Leo with a hurtful attitude and makes you want to laugh uncomfortably. She’s horribly self-centered, self-obsessed, and “sassy” is the only way she knows how to function. With all of her swearing and insulting and outlandish, (yet aloof,) behavior, it’s quite scary to think that I invented her!

I've always had a fascination with astrology.

Ever since I was a young girl, I would enjoy flipping through magazines to find the horribly childish predictions for the “teenage Leo girl,” and I’d get a thrill every time it said I would “impress my crush this week”. As I grew, so did my obsession. Soon, I was giving advice to friends based on their astrological sign and my sister and I poured through books that claimed to have all the astrological answers. It was both entertaining and enlightening for me at a young age. I loved thinking critically about people after finding out what their Sun Sign and Rising Sign were, and how well we were compatible as friends or partners.

Being a Leo comes with a lot of preconceived notions:

…ranging from our enormous egos and pride to our sense of honor and our over-inflated sense of self. To be honest, I’ve learned through the years that I am my strongest when I embrace my “inner lioness,” and go after what I want. Being the center of attention is truly where I feel my best… if that wasn’t abundantly clear by my life choices and attitude!


My husband is a Virgo.

He never really dove into astrology growing up, mostly because he is a classic example of somebody who doesn’t identify with the stereotypical description of their astrological sign. He was told at a young age that being a Virgo meant he was shy, held back, and essentially, weak. (This could not be more incorrect, both for Virgo and for my husband!) He continued in life thinking it was all a load of crap until I did his full astrological chart shortly after we started dating. Turns out, the man has a whole lot of Scorpio and Leo vibes in him, which definitely explain HIS over-inflated ego and confidence! (All of which are qualities that I admit, I find incredibly attractive in him! How very Leo of me…)

After doing his chart, I would share my daily horoscope with him and then he would ask for his. I would summarize the key points for him by keeping a critical interpretation of what the prediction stated. This was common for me actually; I often shared my friend’s horoscopes with them with the same method of communicating the “important parts”. It got to be so common that it became almost comical because I would admit to leaving out all the “stupid parts” and just get to the relevant information to the person. I would even joke about having to “dumb it down” for them.

One day, I was struck with the thought of having a character who read people their horoscopes for the week but made it funny and “easier to understand”. I have a bit of a secret attitude that only those closest to me really see on a day-to-day basis and I enjoyed the thought of letting myself “be free” to be as sassy as I wanted.

Thus, the Sassy Astrologist was born.

My first episode was in February, 2017 - shortly after leaving my retail job and working on content somewhat full time. I had no idea that this character would be so entertaining for people! They loved how rude I was, how dramatic my expressions were, and the entire concept of being read a horoscope that is neither nice or positive, but is actually quite insulting! It was the most in-person feedback I’d ever received for a video, especially from people who weren’t in my closest friend circle.

So I continued honing her personality.

She kept her slightly offensive costume. She got more insulting. I gave her sayings that she repeats in every episode:

“Figure out your s***!”

“Here we go!”

“Are you ready?”

“How embarrassing!”

“Let’s consult the stars…”

She reacts specifically to each piece of astrological advice she gives, and the only sign she is somewhat cordial to is her own: her fellow Leos. She developed tendencies to specifically make fun of the basic “white girl” who is “spiritual” and only uses horoscopes when it is most convenient to her, (otherwise it’s like… totally inaccurate! LOL).

An interesting development that occurred almost accidentally was the invention of her husband, Zedd. In a previous article, I explained the origins of Zedd Pagans but originally, he was never going to be her husband. In the first episode of The Sassy Astrologist, she mentions her husband is a Virgo, (obviously a nod to my actual husband who helped come up with this character). I knew that my two original characters, Sassy Astrologist and Zedd were both spiritualistic, (somewhat occultist,) parodies of real people.

Over time, it only made sense that they were somehow connected, and I realized I had the perfect opportunity to add another layer of comedy to their relationship. Being married has it’s own challenges and relatable struggles - imagine if husband and wife were a ghost hunter and astrologist? I couldn’t resist!

So, the Sassy Astrologist and Zedd Pagans were joined in spiritual matrimony forevermore.

The Sassy Astrologist is probably one of the most original, comedic ideas I have ever had. She gives me the freedom to completely fly off my handle and be a real bitch if I want to! Writing her scripts has given me the opportunity to really flesh out an original character and push myself to be funnier and more outlandish than ever before. Her relationship with Zedd has only scratched the surface of what I plan to unveil. (If only I had a clone!)

For now, Sassy Astrologist shares your monthly horoscope on the first Saturday of the month and she even has her own Facebook Page! Eventually, I would love to expand her character even further - possibly sharing more information about the science of astrology and the zodiac, as well as assisting her husband on ghost hunts together. There’s a lot more in store for this sassy lady, so, tell me…

...are you ready?

Watch the November 2018 Predictions from The Sassy Astrologist!

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