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founder of smashing ivory productions

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Carly Ann Worden, (also known professionally as Smashing Ivory & Cawnawyn Mor), is an American singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. 

Carly Ann started her online musical journey in 2011 creating music covers on her CarlySmashesIvory YouTube channel. Growing up with a classical education in music and a background in film scoring, she created music videos featuring her electronic compositions, live performances of original pieces, and covers featuring her favorite film, theater, and television characters. This extended into a passion for fantasy photography, giving astrological readings, and performing music in the Puget Sound area. 

Carly Ann studied music composition at The Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance, and Theater, and graduated with a B.M.A. at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA.

In 2017, upon finishing her B.M.A. and dedicating her time to creating her music and art, Carly Ann founded Smashing Ivory Productions LLC. She is blessed to be working as a director, producer, editor, and performer as a result of creating her one-woman production company.

In 2019, Carly Ann produced, mastered, and independently released her debut single under her new Indie Pop/Rock artist name, Smashing Ivory, a new label created to evolve her original pop and rock songs independently of her YouTube Channel. Carly Ann presents a blend of sweeping vocals and dark orchestration in her 2019 single, "Leave It All Behind".


In 2020, Carly Ann created the label, Cawnawyn Mor to distinguish her live vocal performances of songs and covers inspired by Celtic and Pagan tradition, as well as her original songs based on stories of fantasy and folktale. Cawnawyn Mor is the name credited to Carly Ann's work writing and performing music and sharing monthly astrological forecasts for the witchcraft and pagan community.


Carly Ann is proud to be working in the Pacific Northwest today as a singer-songwriter/composer, filmmaker, astrologer, and photographer.

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