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Carly Ann Worden, (also known professionally as Smashing Ivory & Cawnawyn Mor), is an American singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. 

Carly Ann started her online musical journey in 2011 creating music covers on her CarlySmashesIvory YouTube channel. Growing up with a classical education in music and a background in film scoring, she created music videos featuring her electronic compositions, live performances of original pieces, and covers featuring her favorite film, theater, and television characters. Eventually, this branched into a passion for fantasy photography and performing in concerts in the Puget Sound area. 

Carly Ann studied music composition at The Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance, and Theater, and graduated with a B.M.A. at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA.

In 2017, upon finishing her B.M.A. and dedicating her time to creating her music and art, Carly Ann founded Smashing Ivory Productions LLC. She is blessed to be working as a director, producer, editor, and performer as a result of creating her one-woman production company.

In 2019, Carly Ann produced, mastered, and independently released "Leave It All Behind" under her new Indie Pop/Rock artist name, Smashing Ivory. A shortened version of CarlySmashesIvory, this new label was created to evolve her original pop and rock songs independently of her YouTube Channel. Carly Ann presents a blend of sweeping vocals and dark orchestration in her 2019 Debut Single, "Leave It All Behind".


In 2019, Carly Ann created the label, Cawnawyn Mor to distinguish her live vocal performances of songs and covers inspired by Celtic and Pagan tradition, as well as her original songs based on stories of fantasy and folktale. Cawnawyn Mor is the name credited to Carly Ann's work writing and performing spiritual music for the pagan and Wiccan community of Puget Sound.


Carly Ann is proud to be working in the Pacific Northwest today as a singer-songwriter/composer, filmmaker, and photographer.

credited works



  • Leave It All Behind (producer, performer)

    • pop single

  • Leave It All Behind: The Music Video (director, performer)

    • music video


  • San Juan Sinfonietta (West Coast Premiere) (composer)

    • performed by The Sound Ensemble, directed by Bobby Collins


  • Divine Shadow Series (composer)

    • directed by Greg Sommers-Herivel​, Executive Producers Lisa Skvarla and Jacob Lunon

  • NEXUS (composer)

    • directed by Stephanie Schock

  • Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem (composer)

    • directed by Kylie Soder, produced by Whidbey Island Center for the Arts



  • Hearts​ (composer, performer)

    • directed by Ivy Liao, produced by ​UCLA

  • Microsoft Shanghai Surface Pro 2017 Keynote (recording engineer, Livestream technician)

    • in partnership with Integrated Production Group and Northwest Telemedicine​

  • "Learn Guitar In A Day" Workshop for PBS (director, editor)​

    • written by Marlene Hutchinson, produced by Northwest Telemedicine​

  • Summit Ride (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • The Girl At the Museum (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video


  • Belligerence (composer, filmmaker, performer)

    • for media and electronics

  • Blue Voyage (composer, filmmaker)​

    • music video

  • Green Eyes (composer, performer)

    • for piano, clarinet, glockenspiel and typewriter

  • Leave It All Behind (composer, performer)

    • for piano and voice

  • LOCKED (composer)

    • directed by Sean Altuna, produced by Bradetta Doyle-Vines

  • Oracle Hymn (composer, filmmaker, performer)​

    • music video​

  • Refuge (composer, performer, filmmaker)

    • for piano, cello, clarinet, and projected media

  • Until We Meet Again (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Window Dream (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • The Winter’s Tale (composer, music director)

    • directed by John Farange, produced by Cornish College of the Arts


  • A Dream Within A Dream (composer, performer)

    • for mezzo-soprano, text by Edgar Allan Poe

  • Absinthe (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Blue (composer)

    • for electronics

  • Count To Ten (composer)

    • directed by Bradetta Doyle-Vines, produced for Seattle 48-hr horror film festival

  • Degrade (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Fugue in E Major (composer)

    • for solo piano

  • Julian (composer)

    • directed by Christoph Kedziora

  • Muñeca (composer)

    • directed by Yadira Duarte

  • Quixote (composer, music director)

    • co-directed by Sheila Daniels and Richard E.T. White, produced by Cornish College of the Arts

  • The Boscombe Valley Mystery (composer)

    • directed by Kylie Soder, produced by Rebecca Lynn Flaherty and Reina Struk

  • The Honeymoon (composer)

    • directed by Bradetta Doyle-Vines, produced for Seattle 48-hr film festival

  • The Witch of Blackbird Pond (composer, music director)

    • directed by Tammis Doyle, produced by Bellevue College

  • Remind Yourself Why (composer)

    • for percussion quartet

  • San Juan Sinfonietta: I. Harbor Mist, II. Pacific Ride, III. Salish Sea (composer)

    • for small chamber orchestra

  • Vanilla (composer)

    • directed by Makena Gadient

  • When I Am Alone (composer)

    • for baritone


  • A Place Between (composer)

    • for SSATTB Chorus, text by Ken Follett

  • Crossing the Tongass Narrows (composer)

    • for wind quintet and harp

  • Dear YouTube (composer)

    • for piano, musical saw, double bass, spoken word, text by Chris Kendall

  • Dirge Finale (composer)

    • script was written by Will Gilmore

  • Highway Dream (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Lonely Passenger (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Love’s Labour’s Lost (composer)

    • directed by Vince Brady, produced by Seattle Greenstage

  • So Cold So Strong (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Sunken Diaries (composer)

    • for piano and spoken word, text by Carly Ann Worden

  • The Plums (composer)

    • song cycle for mezzo-soprano, text by William Carlos Williams

  • They Leave Us Behind (composer, performer)

    • for piano and bassoon

  • Trains of Thought (composer)

    • for electronics and improvised dance


  • A Dream (composer/performer)

    • for mezzo-soprano, text by Edgar Allan Poe

  • All Woods Must Fail (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Cellular Vagabond (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Chasing Glaciers (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Exile on the High Seas (composer)

    • for string quartet

  • Guests After Midnight (composer)

    • for two percussionists

  • Iditar-dogs (composer, filmmaker)

    • music video

  • Invention No. 1 (composer)

    • for solo piano

  • Leaving Belfast (composer)

    • for string trio

  • Pandorica (composer)

    • for electronics and solo violin

  • Prelude No. 1 in E Minor (composer/performer)

    • for voice and piano

  • The Descent to Hell is Easy (composer)

    • for piano quartet

  • The Neighbor (composer)

    • for two voices, text by Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Translations (composer, music director, performer)

    • directed by Tammis Doyle, produced by Bellevue College

  • Translating A Score (composer, filmmaker)

    • documentary


  • Pajarito (composer)

    • for solo clarinet

  • The Cat in the Foyer (composer/performer)

    • for solo piano

  • The Glass Coffin and The Maiden from the Woods (composer)

    • for solo flute


  • The Avenging the Blue Suite (composer, performer)

    • for solo piano

  • Variations on a Theme by Schubert: "Wiegenlied" (composer)

    • for solo piano


  • Journey to a New World (composer, conductor)

    • for string orchestra

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