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independently mastered and produced

sweeping vocals and dark orchestration

leaving behind the broken shards of the past

Girl look at yourself in the mirror

you’re asking can anybody hear

can anybody hear me screamin’ out loud

and you begin to doubt that you’re ready

that it’s even real


I’ve been broken down by the voices inside

afraid to trust just let me run and hide

from all these hands pressin’ down

just let me figure this out

they can’t hear me

I’m alone in this crowd


But now it’s my turn

don’t wanna hear that I can’t do this

gonna show them all (gonna show them all)

that I have a voice

I’m gonna make them listen

There’s no tellin’ how far I could go


Take a deep breath and wash away the pain (wash away the pain)

look away, look away I’m done playin’ the stupid game (stupid game)

I’m takin’ back control

no more, I’m ready to know 

how it feels to free myself and let it go

and leave it all behind


Am I goin’ crazy thinkin’ like this

a new feelin’ that I can’t resist

it won’t be easy to move on

gotta prove to them I’m strong ‘cause


There’s more to me than you can see (you can see)

they’ll be runnin’ scared

won’t let it get to me no (won’t let it get to me)

I gotta fight like hell and don’t let it show

and leave ‘em all behind

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