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latest vlogs

Am I an official writer yet?

I mean... I was tagged in a BookTube prompt so... yes?

Ok I guess I'm vlogging!

Let's talk about conquering stupid fears...

Ok... let's try this again...

I miss vlogging. So here we are again...

Nobody cares if i quit youtube

I'm taking the time I need to focus on my original work.

February Was Supposed To Be Different

February was a really long month.

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latest COMEDY

Robots Invaded My House?!

I've got some weird issues at my place...

Jack Sparrow Doesn't Want To Make Pirates 5

Are you ready for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? Because Jack Sparrow isn’t!

Living With Jack Sparrow

So… I got a roommate. He happens to be a very famous pirate captain. You’ve probably heard of him.

Reading My Old Diary!

16 Year Old Carly is back to read her dark, dramatic ramblings from high school!


This is what happens when my current self meets my 16 yr old self!

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