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What Is Vlog?

Does anyone know that I vlog? ANYONE?!

Very few people do and it's not because I'm super secretive about it, I just don't put as much time and effort into making videos for my vlog channel as I do my music channel. That being said, I definitely work hard to post videos.

With my schedule, it becomes increasingly harder to dedicate time to video-making, which is a shame because I truly enjoy doing it. This blog has become more successful than I thought it would in the recent weeks but the vlog channel has had good and bad months and even years.

I started the channel CarlySmashesYouTube as a way of seperating the videos that were meant to be silly and fun rather than serious representations of my work. It started off as being a "behind the scenes" channel for most of my music videos, and it still does this. However in January of this year, I realized that I needed to make it almost an online diary of sorts in order to continuously post.

And I failed.

It hasn't turned out to be a method to post regular videos like I had hoped, but it HAS taught me a few things about how I need to communicate and de-stress. For example, if times are getting tough, I'll turn on my camera and just start venting and talking to it. Trouble is, a week later when I'm thinking "what should I post to my vlog channel," I realize I don't want that personal information online because it usually reflects my feelings at the time it was recorded, but it shows no real wisdom in hindsight.

But maybe I haven't failed....

This has become a truly important way for me to let go of some angst and stress that I've felt in the last couple of months and I think without it I would have been way more stressed lately. I've never been much of a "write down your feelings" sort of person and I don't go out and party and drink with friends to relax. My idea of a wild night out is when I order a gingerale with a hamburger instead of water and a salad.

This doesn't solve the issue of keeping a regular posting schedule. I have come to the realization that I need to start making this channel meaningful again.

What will that mean?

Definitely more behind-the-scenes videos to supplement my music, some scripted short films that have been rolling around in my head, and more waiting for the videos to release. These things take a lot of time. Especially when I do EVERYTHING myself.

In the meantime I think I'll still use the camera as a diary and to document my personal life, but that doesn't need to be handed to an audience on the media stage of YouTube. It's nice having a private life.

So, for those of you who are interested, here is my cluster of a Vlog Channel. It's silly, erratic, and random, just like me.


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