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The Facebook Profile Challenge

To the girl who snuck putting on makeup on the bus to school every day - you have a lot to learn but keep practicing.

To the girl who didn't think she was funny - you're funnier than you realize, don't hold back.

To the girl who was told she wasn't a storyteller - you have a lot to learn but keep practicing.

To the girl with crooked teeth - it's ok. You'll fix them eventually and you are beautiful.

To the girl who dreamed of swinging a sword and sailing a ship - the time will come, stay true to the dreams inside of you and never let them go.

To the girl who said she couldn’t run or exercise - you CAN and you should. You are more powerful than you know.

To the girl who said she hated schedules and routines - you believe in discipline, don’t you? What do you think a routine is? :P

To the girl who thought she sucked at her school subjects - you enjoy learning and you aren’t given the chance to fully explore these subjects. Keep researching and never stop learning.

To the girl who smiled in photos but felt so incredibly alone - you are surrounded by those who love you more than you can imagine

To the girl who pushed everyone away due to anger and hurt from those you trusted - you need to learn to be a better friend to others and to value relationships and trust

To the girl who was convinced that no one could love her because she was too extreme and too much to deal with - you were just looking for too little in a relationship because it’s what you thought you deserved.

To the girl who was too afraid to put her hair up for fear of being judged by her weight in her face, you are beautiful and you have nothing to fear.

To the girl with a head full of dreams and a heart full of music - your time to shine your light is coming. You have nothing to fear.

To the girl who longed for purpose and direction and achieving something greater, your time is coming and you have nothing to fear.

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