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"...a machete to your intellectual thicket..."

(This title is taken from one of my favorite lines of one of the Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey Jr.)

The pathway to achieving the wildest dreams can only be tread by the ones daring enough to cut that path themselves.

It takes bravery and guts and a certain amount of foolishness -

but we are all left watching

and wondering

"how we can tread that path too?"

The key isn't following in the footsteps

or following the directions of the status quo.

It's about venturing out alone

with a machete -

hacking away all the doubt and fear that grows around you -

all that junk that gets in the way.

It's about not looking back.

Some people have dreams big enough for others to follow in the path that they've cleared.

Some people have made room for only themselves to get by.

Every person is on a journey through their own forest.

Maybe they're following the pre-destined path...

Maybe they're lost in the woods somewhere...

Maybe they're carving a new way through...

Hold them close and give the wild ones a hug,

If you can't hold them close, keep them close to your heart.

Offer them the encouragement they need.

Treading on the path that few dare to enter is a lonely adventure.

But it is an adventure... and for that, we should cheer them on.

"Take the next step!"

"Clear out the obstacles!"

"You're almost there!"

They need this. Everyone needs this.

We're only human.

All of us.

Each of us.

We're doing the best that we can.


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