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Turning A Hobby Into A Career

This week I attended a keynote given by DJ One (Toby "Fresh" Campbell) at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. I thought I would share my notes:

Toby "Fresh" aka DV ONE - The Seattle Seahawks DJ!

Listen to his music and podcast here:

Personal History

  • Taught many students who's careers took off

  • Grammy award winner

  • seriously started career at 18 years old in 1992

  • Designed a mixer! (Became a consultant)

Beginning of hip hop was similar to history of jazz: artists would perform in clubs and halls just experimenting with sounds and using each other as influence

Such as the origins of Bebop at Minton’s Playhouse in NYC

Words of Wisdom

Luck = Preparation and Timing

  • Show your work to people: creates more opportunity for that lucky break

  • Toby’s Mixtape was shown to a producer by a friend which got him a show!

  • Save your money

  • Have your bases covered and save the rest, don’t blow it all in one night!

  • Write down everything you make, make a record and save some for if gigs run dry

  • You need dedication, skill, perseverance, and resilience

  • Know the value of your versatility

  • As an artist, you need the outside influences and support of your community (artistic or not!)

  • Treat people right

  • Treat yourself right

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